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Reverse Sear Ribeye on Recteq Bullseye RT-380

What is Reverse Searing?

I would say the standard way to cook a steak, chop or similar is to cook on high heat to sear the meat then, if necessary, apply indirect heat to finish off the meat.

With a reverse sear, the order is… reversed. Low temperature is applied first to add smoke flavor and then high heat is applied at the end to sear the meat. This allows the meat to absorb flavors that would otherwise, overcook or dry out the meat if done in the standard way.

In order to withstand the reverse searing process, I recommend a larger piece of meat. If you have a thin steak, it’s going to cook too quickly.

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In Search of Crispy Smoked Wings

I’m very happy with my smoked briskets and ribs. I’ve done a lot of these meats. Through trial and error and learning from other, these generally turn out delicious.

Not that there’s one right way, but for these, there are some pretty clear guidelines out there that can get you close in short order. For ribs, there’s the classic 3-2-1 method, for brisket Aaron Franklin’s Method provides a methodical approach that makes for outstanding brisket.

For chicken wings, the picture isn’t as clear. I posed the question on Twitter, and walked away with some great ideas. In fact… lots of ideas. The path to the perfect smoke wing, varies, just like a lot of smoked weeks, but I’ll say, I think there may be more and more varied paths on this meat as compared to some others.

This post is a chronicle of my journey to get a great wing off my smoker.

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