Tip: Use Food Wrap On Cook Day To Prevent Cross Contamination

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It seems like you need an extra hand or two when it comes time to prepping meat for the smoker or grill. Sometimes I try to keep a “dirty” hand (for raw meat) and a “clean” hand (for spices and such). That’s great, but it effectively leaves me with one hand no matter what I’m trying to do.

Of course you could go back and wipe spice containers down. Or… not worry about it.

One thing I’ve started doing that works really well is wrapping my rub shaker in food wrap when it comes to applying. This allows you to grab it with meaty/contaminated hands. When prep is done, discard the food wrap and whammo!

+ Nitrile Gloves…

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I also use nitrile gloves when handling meat and applying rubs.

These help prevent cross contamination and… protect your hands.

Also, my rub, recipe below, contains garlic and pepper flakes. Those sorts of things stay on your hands for a while. Beyond not wanting to smell my hands I also wear contacts. Oils from pepper flakes… stay on your hands even after you wash them a couple times. How do I know? My eyes feel like they’re on fire when I take my contacts out. So… Nitrile gloves.

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My BBQ Rub Recipe

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