Spice Classics Cayenne Pepper, 14 oz

Highlighted Features
  • HIGH QUALITY PEPPERS: Our red pepper seasoning comes from ground and dried red chili peppers for a pleasant zing and uniform texture
  • PERFECT FOR CHEFS: Spice Classics Ground Red Pepper comes in a 14-ounce container, is recipe-ready and is perfect for enhancing recipes
  • SOURCED FROM A SECURE SUPPLY CHAIN: Kosher red pepper powder is sourced from around the world, within a thoughtful and secure supply chain
  • FIERY FLAVOR: The fiery flavor of ground red pepper perks up sauces, soups, dips and deviled eggs; adds heat salsa, wings, gumbo, jambalaya, curries and chili
  • VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Sprinkle hot red pepper powder, celery salt, hot sauce and fresh horseradish into your Bloody Mary recipe; blend with jalapeno vodka for a spicy twist to a classic favorite

Spice Classics Ground Red Pepper, 14 oz – One 14 Ounce Container of Red Pepper Seasoning, Made from Dried Ground Red Chili Peppers for a Zesty Flavor – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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