Hands on Review: Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy – Charcoal and Wood Pellet Storage – includes Capacity & Weather Resistance Trials

This is a hands on look at the 32 quart Kingsford branded charcoal kaddy.  I picked this up for wood pellet storage.

Hands on Review Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy:

A look at the bottom. There is a lip on each end to raise the containers a bit, giving them some airflow.  This reads Made in the USA and Buddeez. This is a Kingsford branded container that’s manufactured by Buddeez.

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A look at the top. The top most part is a lid that opens for pouring or, I suppose, reaching in to grab, charcoal or pellets

A look at the label. Reads Charcoal Storage Dispenser, Weatherproof lid, Heavy duty handles, up to 22 lb storage. UPC is 747363000376. Made in the USA emblem on the top left corner of the label. Note that the 22 lb rating would be for charcoal. As you’ll see this has a higher capacity for pellets.

With the lid open

A look inside

Underside of the lid. There are no gaskets in this, but it is designed to be weatherproof. So, you cannot take this snorkeling and expect the contents to stay dry, but it can withstand weather and rain.

A look inside the container

Capacity Test:

This is rated for up to 22 lbs of charcoal. To test pellet capacity, I picked up two 20 lb bags of Oklahoma Joe’s 2778406DP 100% All-Natural Hardwood Hickory Wood Pellets. I’m a big fan of these pellets

40 lbs of pellets with room to spare.

My son helping me add some pellets to my Recteq RT-700 “The Bull” for a rib cook. His payment for helping was… the ribs.

Almost filled up.

The lid is designed so that it locks in to place, preventing it from flopping down when you’re pouring out pellets or charcoal.

Weather Resistance Test:

You can’t see it in this video, but earlier in this rain storm… rain was pouring. I mean pouring. This is actually the 2nd or 3rd rain storm this container went through during my review period and it’s since gone through more.

Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy in the rain

The sun’s back out!  The outside of this container is now mostly dry. Let’s check the inside and the pellets….

The inside and pellets are nice and dry.

Underside of the lid, it’s nice and dry.


This is well made and right-sized for my needs. It’s easy to use and has done really well in the elements. The one concern I have would be if there isn’t enough weight in this container, I could see it being blown over in a storm. That’s an easy fix. If it’s nearing empty, put it in your garage until you add more charcoal or pellets. Overall, I’m really happy for this for pellet storage and my guess is that it would work well for charcoal storage too.

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The container part of this looks very similar to the Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy. That’s also manufactured by Buddeez. At 8 gallons, the size is identical.  The top is certainly different, but you can completely remove the top as needed.

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