Hands on Review: Bar5F Food Grade Spray Bottles for Spritzing!

I find that spritzing during longer bbq cooks helps retain moisture and leads to a better end product. Depending on the mixture you’re using you could also gain some flavor and color.

Prior to getting this bottle I had been using super cheap bottles acquired at a big box store. The price was right, but the quality was not. They lasted a couple cooks before the sprayer fell apart.

I went look for a higher quality food grade bottle and sprayer.

There are plenty of sprayers out there, but, it’s more difficult to find one that’s appropriate for food use. Prior to order these online, I looked for one at my local (large) home improvement store and found exactly 0 that were marketed for use in cooking/BBQ/grilling or rated for food contact.  Would some of them be okay for food use?  Probably, but I personally don’t want to take a chance when it’s something I’m eating.

Hands on Review Bar5F Spray Bottles for Spritzing

I got two sprayers. They have a 16 oz capacity and were listed as BPA free and food grade when I purchased them.

Ribs ready to go on the smoker.

I’m a big fan of Rubbermaid’s Commercial’s utility tubs. I literally have a stack of these, in different sizes, for different things around the house.

I use the 4.625 gallon size to thaw meat, trim, apply rub, carry around cook day tools and more. These are NSF rated and big enough to hold larger cuts of meat. They catch excess rub and drips and make clean up easier. With handles on every side, they’re easy to carry and move. You can also spin it around as you’re trimming or applying rub for easy access.  See my Hands on Review of these great tubs.

My BBQ Rub Recipe

After the first spritz. For both ribs and brisket, I’ll start spritzing hourly at about hour 3.

I generally use half water/half apple juice for spritzing.  Here’s the bottle sitting on my recteq RT-700End Result!

On my plate


These feel well constructed and worked well for spritzing.  Like most spray bottles, keeping at least a few inches of spritz solution in these is key. The dip tube goes all the way to the bottom, but can bend a little bit. If a small amount of solution remains when used close to horizontally the pickup tube will not have anything to draw from. This is a vast improvement over the cheapies I had been using and I’m super glad to have something that’s food rated. I’ll update this over time as I learn more about how these hold up.


I have periodically noticed some poor spraying from this. Getting partial sprays and just not feeling the way it should.  I’ve figured out… that this happens when I tighten the sprayer on too tight. That ends up being a pretty tight seal and I think what’s happening is it’s not spraying as well because air can’t get in. Tip: I’ve found that loosing the the sprayer cap a little bit fixes this. It continues to spray great when I do this.

Bar5F Empty Plastic Spray Bottles 16 oz, BPA-Free Food Grade, Crystal Clear PETE1, Red/White M-Series Fully Adjustable Sprayer (Pack of 2) – I was looking for a quality sprayer for spritzing after the cheapo one I got at a big box store broke after just two cooks

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My BBQ Rub Recipe

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