Z Grills 706 Lux Wood Pellet Grill – $238 at Menards w/Three Stacking Deals

Z Grills® 706 Lux Wood Pellet Grill

Z Grills® 706 Lux Wood Pellet Grill via Menards

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With Z Grills® wood pellet grills featuring easy-to-use “set it and then set it aside” controls, anyone can prepare delicious meals with wood smoked flavor. There are no learning curves to get started with a wood pellet grill. This grill provides highly versatile and fuel-efficient performance suited for each and every person who loves to cook outdoors. It offers seven cooking styles in one grill. You can grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and sear to perfection. Consistency is key and with convection heat distribution, you can cook evenly every single time and prevent flare-ups and over-smoking your food, which means more mouth-watering dishes all year round.


Total cooking area: 706 sq in.
Advanced digital control system
20 lb hopper capacity
4 caster wheels
Storage cabinet
Cooking range: 160-450°
Grill cover
2 meat probes
Porcelain coated cook grates
Wood pellet clean out feature



Three stacking deals at Menards…

  • SALE PRICE Limited Time Offer $379.99
  • 11% MAIL-IN REBATE Good Through 3/19/22 $41.80
  • MAIL-IN REBATE (No Limit) Good Through 12/31/22 $100.00
  • = $238.19

Z Grills® 706 Lux Wood Pellet Grill

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