Slow ‘N Sear® Carbon Steel Flat Top Plancha Griddle – weighs 23 lbs!

Slow ‘N Sear® Carbon Steel Flat Top Plancha

Slow ‘N Sear® Carbon Steel Flat Top Plancha

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  • Elevate Your Outdoor Grilling Experience: Convert your 22" kettle grill into a versatile flat top griddle with the Carbon Steel Plancha. Perfect for smash burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, breakfast omelets and more. The plancha turns your grill into an outdoor cooking sensation for all foods.
  • Built to Last: Made from 23 lbs of robust carbon steel, featuring a ¼ inch thickness, this plancha guarantees high thermal mass, even heat distribution, and exceptional durability. Say goodbye to warping and hello to years of reliable grilling.
  • Innovative Engineering: Rotate your food 360° without moving it, thanks to the plancha's specially designed profile. Large handles ensure excellent airflow and easy handling, while the flat edge allows for convenient spatula scraping.
  • From Fire to Flavor: Sitting close to the coals, this plancha provides excellent fuel efficiency and works seamlessly with the Slow 'N Sear two-zone cooking style. Enjoy charred perfection on your food while maintaining a clean and efficient grill.
  • From Passion to Innovation: SnS Grills is more than a brand; it's a story of passion for grilling. Founded by a dedicated barbecue enthusiast, the company is driven by innovation and a commitment to quality. When you choose an SnS Grill, you're joining a community that values exceptional grilling experiences and the joy of sharing great food.


Note: pictured grill is not included.

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