Foil and Wrap Organizer

Adjustable Organizer for Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap

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  • Ideal for storing a variety of kitchen and pantry essentials such as aluminum foil, cling wrap, plastic bags, cans, boxes, pouches, and more. Perfect size for countertops, cabinets and pantries
  • The foil organizer is made of Durable BPA-free clear plastic, and metal materials which Includes a rust resistant finish, without any peculiar smell,can stands up to every day use and is easy to clean
  • Shelves adjust to fit boxes and maximize vertical space, and its length can be extended as needed. The size is 9.8" L x 9.8" W x 9.8" H, and the maximum can be extended to 15.6" L x 9.8" W x 9.8'' H
  • Easy set-up, no tools required.If unit wobbles after assembly, push on the top shelf along wires until stable
  • NON-SLIP and ANTI-SCRATCH: Sturdy storage stays put on soft, non-slip feet, it can protect countertops from scratches


MAGLADY Adjustable Organizer for Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap, Organizer for Pantry and Kitchen Cabinet Storage, Expandable 9” to 15.6” – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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