Cave Tools Butcher Paper Roll

Cave Tools Butcher Paper Roll

Cave Tools Butcher Paper Roll

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  • Ultra Durable & Thick for All Your Needs: With the strength of a caveman, our Premium Brown Butcher Paper Roll boasts ultra-durability and thickness, ideal for wrapping and smoking meats. Made in the USA, this 18 inches x 175 feet roll can withstand the rigorous demands of your grill, smoker, and culinary adventures without tearing or falling apart.
  • Locks in Moisture for Perfectly Tender Meat: Designed specifically for the BBQ enthusiast, our food-grade butcher paper is the secret to mouthwatering, tender meats. It expertly traps smoke and releases steam, ensuring your meats are juicy and full of flavor, while maintaining that essential bark that pitmasters strive for. Say goodbye to dry, tough meats and hello to succulence with every bite.
  • Unwaxed, Uncoated, Unbleached for Pure Taste: Keeping your health and food's taste in mind, our butcher paper is unwaxed, uncoated, and unbleached. This means no harmful chemicals or tastes interfering with your cooking, ensuring that the natural flavors of your food shine through. Enjoy pure, unadulterated taste with every use, making it the perfect companion for grilling, smoking, or even baking.
  • Heat-Resistant Up to 450°F for Versatile Cooking: Whether you're slow cooking at low temperatures or searing at high heat, our butcher paper can handle it all. Heat-resistant up to 450°F, it's the versatile choice for all your cooking needs, from BBQs to baking. This resilience ensures your wraps stay intact, preserving the quality and integrity of your food throughout the cooking process.
  • Perfect for Sublimation & More: Not just for smoking or grilling meats, our premium butcher paper roll is also perfect for sublimation and a variety of crafting projects. Its high-quality, food-grade material makes it a safe and superior choice for any creative endeavor, offering both versatility and durability. Whether you're in the kitchen or getting crafty, this butcher paper is designed to meet your every need.


Use to wrap your brisket for resting and more

Cave Tools Butcher Paper Roll, 18 inches x 175 feet, Food-Grade Paper for Smoking Grilling, Unbleached, Uncoated, Unwaxed – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

My Process for Smoked Brisket and Burnt Ends

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