Hands on Review: GRILLART Grill Brush & Scraper

GRILLART makes grilling accessories including several grill brush and scraper models.

This is a hands on look at their 18″ bristle free stainless steel grate scraper and brush.

Hands on Review GRILLART Scraper and Brush

A look at the stainless steel scraper blade. It features notches on each side to clean individual grate wires.

A closer look at the galvanized twisted wire. Note: I purchased this in June of 2020. It’s been outside, in the elements, constantly since that point. The galvanized twisted wire remains visibly rust free over two years later.

Hanging from my Weber grill. This brush is about 18″ in total length.

A look at the handle

The end of the handle features a loop for hanging

Hey, look, it’s hanging.

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A closer look at the bristle free brush. Instead of individual bristles, which can break off and land in your food, these wires feed back into the brush.

Side by side durability comparison

I purchased this GRILLART scraper and brush in June of 2020. I also purchased GrillGrates (and a GrillGrate brush) for my Weber grill within a week of that time. Both brushes have been hanging side by side out in the elements constantly since that time. You’ve seen pictures of the GRILLART already. Here’s a picture of the Grill Grate brush…

The GrillGrate brush on the left is experiencing significant rusting. Comparing the metals (not sure if the GrillGrate brush features stainless), the winner is clear. The GRILLART brush has held up after many uses, with no visible rust, while being stored in the elements for years. The GrillGrate brush needs to be thrown away.


I’ve used this brush for just over two years for many, many cooks across multiple grills. It’s, arguably, been mistreated and it’s still in good shape. This has been a great – did you see what I did there:) – brush and scraper combo that continues to work well.  I like the fact that this particular models is bristle free.

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