ABUSA Tortilla Press, Adjustable Thickness

ABUSA Thickness Adjustable Tortilla Press 8 Inch Tortilla Maker Green - Roti, Dough Press, Dosa,Tawa,Tamale,Pizza,Pie,Patty

Highlighted Features
  • 1.Adjustable Thickness: The ABUSA tortilla press is brand new US patented product. It can adjust the thickness to make the tortilla more even. It is delivered with several common standard thickness gaskets (1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 3/8). When the gasket is not installed, the thickness of tortilla would be 1/16 inches. You can see the matching method of our different gaskets from the main picture. If necessary, you can get your desired thickness to make your personal-size piecrust.
  • 2.The ABUSA tortilla press is built of high-quality aluminum with the unique structure, which enables a stable compression press to make a perfect shape. The excellent working structure also makes the two planes strong and not easy to break.In order to avoid the few coating chips into food , you'd better put a oil paper or parchment paper above and under the what you want to press.
  • 3.Bearing structure design is added to the adjustment column and the connection of the pressing plane, which makes the pressed plate rotating more compliant and quiet. This structure also protects the force of the handle, making the handle stronger and not easy to break.If any thing wrong with the bearings , we can provide the free brand new accessories within 1 year.
  • 4.The ABUSA Tortilla Press’s flexible thickness adjustment allows you to try more recipes incluidng Patacones, mini pie shells, tostones, dumplings, rotis, chapatis, empanadas, arepas and more
  • 5.Our tortilla press is just what you want. You can buy it without any worry. If any other quesiton, make sure that Contact Us At First. We will adopt the proper policy to solve your problems at any time.

ABUSA Thickness Adjustable Tortilla Press 8 Inch Tortilla Maker Green – Roti, Dough Press, Dosa,Tawa,Tamale,Pizza,Pie,Patty – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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