6 Pack Vacuum Sealer Bag Rolls

Highlighted Features
  • Distinctive Cutter-box Design Creating Your Own Length of Bags: Equipped with cutter-box, you can customize KitchenBoss vacuum sealer rolls to fit any food, no need scissors. Reducing wasted material and get greatest value.
  • High Quality: KitchenBoss vacuum sealer bags are made of heavy duty lastest nylon and polyethylene materials ensure safety. Two layers 4 million heavy-duty bags with air-removal channel which are stable for freezer, refrigeration, microwave, and sous vide cooking.
  • Versatile Usage to Fit for Vacuum Sealer and Sous Vide Cooking: Our food vacuum sealers rolls compatible with all vacuum sealers and sous vide, such as KitchenBoss.
  • Preserve Longer Avoid Food Waste: Vacuum bags locks out moisture and air to protect food and maintain freshness. It can store food 2-3 times longer in our commercial-grade bags to reduce waste
  • Not Just for Food Preservation: Great for cabinet, fridge or freezer storage, also perfect for boiling, sous vide cooking. Vacuum sealing rolls can keep coins, books, jewelry, documents even photos from moisture.

Vacuum Sealer Rolls Bag, 6 Pack 8″x16.5′ and 11″x16.5′ Food vacuum Save Bag Rolls with Cutter Box,100 feet Sous Vide Roll Bag,By KitchenBoss – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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